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Values that have lasted 25 years!

This year we celebrate 25 years. What has driven us from the start is our common will to build companies and grow, to be innovative and do a bit as we please. Especially not do like everyone else.

Christina Hammer and Åsa FalkmanChristina Hammer and Åsa Falkman

Christina Hammer & Åsa Falkman

Even in situations when you get comments like "that will never go" or "you can't do that". Often it's an indication that you're something really good on the track.

We wanted our company not only to be successful, but also nice. And to do it together with others. Without dedicated employees, exciting customers, innovative partners and not least all dedicated candidates, our journey would not have been possible.

In our first strategy paper, part was about how we wanted to treat people. That our candidates would be as important to us as our customers. We didn't understand how successful it would be. And not only successfully, but also how rewarding it is to build long-term relationships. Nothing is so fun and warms so much in your heart as understanding that you made an impression on someone, customer or candidate. And to talk to someone you recruited to their first job 20 years ago and who has now made a super career.

We want to continue to challenge and stand out the chin, think differently and not do like everyone else. Now we are doing it in the fourth version of our book "Professional Life of the Future 4.0".

♥ Hammer & Hanborg's values: business, fair, collaboration and innovative

Hammer & Hanborg 25 yearsHammer & Hanborg 25 years

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