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What the right solution is depends entirely on the situation and the conditions. Our method, Design Thinking by H&H, starts with a needs analysis where we look into internal factors such as the organisation’s culture, structure, how people interact and goals. We also look at external factors such as the marketplace, competition and trends.

Based on the needs analysis we define the methods and tools that will best meet your needs and match your business goals.

This means that competence is more than a CV. Training and experience are important. But for us competence is as much about potential, values and motivation. Our selection, tests and interviews aim to secure both skills and that we find a person with the rights qualities values and behaviour to match the organisation.

Recruitment - Hammer HanborgRecruitment - Hammer Hanborg

Hammer & Hanborg recruits at all levels

We recruit at all levels - from young professionals to executives. By means of continuous dialogue with our network we reach talents at all levels even those not actively looking for a job at the moment.

Our recruitment process is always tailored to your needs. We can help you with all or part of a recruitment process depending on your situation.

Our consulting solution: Gig

Flexibility is a key for sustainable access to competence and for being a competitive organisation in the long-term. When you need extra resources for a limited period or at short notice then a gig-artist could be the solution.

Today more and more talents choose shorter assignments – gigs – rather than permanent employment. The gig economy is growing fast. This provides great possibilities to get access to the right competence at the right time and create the flexibility that a fast changing world demands. In our network there are gig-artists at all levels that you can hire for shorter or longer assignments; from a few weeks to several years, full-time or part-time. Regardless of the length of the assignment we take full responsibility as the employer.


Digitalisation, and the transformation it involves places new demands on leadership. At executive level we work with the recruitment of CEOs, Marketing Directors or Board Members for example. A recruitment can be done publicly as an advertised position or as a non-publicised search.

Sometimes a business critical situation occurs that requires the immediate attention of qualified leadership and a flexible solution. This can happen during periods of change, during recruitment or in a specific project. In these cases an interim solution is a good alternative. With our interim solutions, you can arrange for a suitable resource at a pre-agreed cost.

As always we place as much emphasis on the potential of the candidate as we do on experience in order to find the right leader who can lift your organisation to the next level.

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