Value MappingValue Mapping

Value Workshop

It is about identifying which values ​​the organization wants to stand for - but also which values ​​actually exist in the organization.

Vaules WorkshopVaules Workshop

Transforming and interactive workshop

Values Workshop is a two-hour transformative and interactive workshop aimed at strengthening the connection between employees' identity and meaning creation and the organization's values and its higher purpose.

Values Workshop is aimed at both private and small organizations. The result is that employees feel a stronger connection to the employer.

Identify values

It is about identifying which values the organization wants to stand for - but also what values actually exist in the organization - then working with them until they form a bottom plate for how all employees act, and a basis for decision-making throughout the organization when power is shared up to all employees in the organization.

Malcolm Larri

The workshop is facilitated by Malcolm Larri who speaks English but understands Swedish. The workshop can also be implemented virtually.

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