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Gig by H&H

A fast-changing world places new demands on competence. Requirements vary and, in many cases, specialized competence is required for a limited time. Flexibility is the key to sustainable access to competence and a competitive organization in the long-term.

"When you need extra resources for a short period of time or at short notice then a gig artist could be the solution."

New conditions create new needs for competence. We need new ways of organizing ourselves that allow for flexibility and where the right people can move in and out of the organization to contribute with their competence at the right time.

When you need extra resources for a short period of time or at short notice then a gig artist could be the solution. A gig-artist is a consultant who is handpicked for an assignment, who can solve a specific problem, or provide new perspectives during a period of change.

To find the right gig-artist for the assignment you need to know what you are looking for. We always recommend starting with a needs analysis in order to understand what would make the biggest difference to your organization and your business.

As always, we place great emphasis in both finding the right skills and the right person who will make a difference for the organization. The person’s potential, values and motivation are usually critical for a successful co-operation.

A hub in the gig economy

More and more talents choose temporary assignments, gigs rather than permanent employment. The gig economy is growing quickly. We want to be the hub that can quickly connect the right gig-artist with the right assignment and at the same time provide the gig-artist with a base and input for further personal development. In our wide network, there are gig-artists at all levels - students, senior consultants, digital ninjas and everything in between.

Full flexibility

As we have done a quality check and had personal meetings with these unique individuals we can quickly meet the needs of any given situation. Our gig-artists always have up-to-date and relevant knowledge in their specialist area and they are available immediately for shorter or longer assignments, both full-time and part-time from a few weeks to longer periods.

Some examples of where gig-artists can be a solution:

  • In periods of change eg. during a recruitment
  • Where specialist competence is needed for a certain time or for a specific project
  • When face with challenges that can’t be solved by internal resources
  • When a speaking partner or coach is needed to support a process or an organizational change
  • When a speaker is needed for an event

Charlotta Rydström & Annika Lasmarias

Charlotta and Annika are consultants at Hammer & Hanborg. Get started! Contact Charlotta if it concerns southern Sweden and Annika for central and northern Sweden.