Lena Vettese

Lead Generation Manager

Lena is the Lead Generation Manager at Hammer & Hanborg and works mainly with our clients. We want you to be able to find us, become interested in finding out more about us, integrate with us, become our clients, and remain as clients. How can we do that? Well, it is not an easy task. Lena works closely with our marketing and communications team.


Lena is fascinated by the tools and strategies available regarding data-driven marketing, as it is under constant development due to changes in our social behaviors. This is accurate when working with SEO with the goal of making us visible through search engines, catching people’s interest, or launching a campaign through social media.


She loves using her knowledge in marketing, together with different types of channels, to ultimately make us visible for people to find out more about what we at Hammer & Hanborg can do to help our current- and future clients in their development.

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