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Competence-proof your organization – hire one or more consultants

Sustainable competence supply is the key to a long-term competitive organization. Our recruitment consultants help you to secure the organization's competence so that you can continue to lead the development into the future. Our view on hiring is about ensuring that your organization is competence-assured for the future at all levels, from young professionals to executives.

Contact us at info@hammerhanborg.com or by phone 08 459 03 50, and we will help you further. Or contact one of our recruitment consultants, which you will find on the Contact page.

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Hire one or more consultants

Flexibility is a key to sustainable competence supply and a long-term competitive organization. When you need extra resources for a limited time or at short notice, hiring a consultant can be the solution.

Today, more and more talents are choosing to take shorter assignments - gigs - rather than indefinite employment. The gig economy is growing fast. It provides great opportunities to bring in exactly the right skills at the right time and creates the flexibility that a rapidly changing world requires.

In our network there are consultants at all levels that you can hire for shorter or longer assignments; from a few weeks to several years, full-time or part-time. Either way, we take full employer responsibility. A consultant is handpicked for an assignment, which will solve a specific problem or come up with new perspectives.

Examples of consultants who can join you shortly:

Hire a marketing managerHire a marketing manager

 Marketing manager

Responsible for all marketing communications in the Swedish company within an international group. Great focus on marking automation, planning and follow-up of campaigns and social media marketing. 

  • Analytical ability
  • Goal oriented
  • Budget responsibility
  • Responsible for marketing plan/strategy
  • Leader with personnel responsibility for 5-7 people
  • Responsible for brand communication
  • Experience of merging the marketing department with the sales department - "smarketing"
Social Media specialistSocial Media specialist

 Social media specialist

Overall responsible for all digital/social media channels. Responsible for developing strategies with a focus on both marketing and communication.

  • Developed e-commerce strategy
  • Responsible for goals, analysis and follow-up
  • Initiated influencer collaborations
  • Strategic brand building in social channels
  • Video production
Graphic designerGraphic designer

Graphic designer

Creator with a business mind. Used to transforming values into design and customer experiences for the best possible business and business benefit.

  • Produce both printed and digital graphic material
  • Creates animations
  • Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop och PremierPro
  • Strategic and operational design of market materials
  • Used to working with printers and agencies
Head of communicationsHead of communications

 Head of communications

Former Head of Corporate Communications Nordic at listed company. Solid experience of strategic and operational communication work with international connections.

  • Head of employees spread across countries
  • Preparatory crisis management, developed strategies for different scenarios
  • Media training of spokespeople
  • Responsibility for PR and media issues

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