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Sustainable competence supply is the key to a long-term competitive organization. Our recruitment consultants help you to secure the organization's competence so that you can continue to lead the development into the future. Our view on recruitment is about ensuring that your organization is competence-assured for the future at all levels, from young professionals to executives.

Contact us at or by phone +46 (0)8 459 03 50 for our Swedish office or +47 22 44 33 00 for our Norwegian office, and we will help you further. Or contact one of our recruitment consultants, which you will find on the Contacts page.

Recruitment - Hammer HanborgRecruitment - Hammer Hanborg

Competence-based recruitment

We always work with competence-based recruitment. Our method starts together with you as a client, with a requirements analysis where we look at internal factors such as the organization's culture, structure, interaction points and objectives.

We also look at external factors such as the market, competitors and trends. Of course, we also discuss the content of the role with you as the client. Based on this, we define the methods and tools that best solve your needs and respond to your business goals.

The potential

We have long said that the resume is dead. We believe that a resume is not enough to predict which candidate is best suited for a job. Education and experience are important, but in a working life characterized by rapid digital development with new roles and working methods, previous experience is often lacking. That is why we work with competence-based recruitment.

For us, competence is instead about the potential to succeed in a certain role in a specific organization. It's about the conditions to learn new things and to thrive in the organization. Our work with advertising, selection, tests and interviews aims to find the candidate who is best placed to succeed. Therefore, we look at both skills and that we find a person with the right values, motivational factors and behavior to match the organization.

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