Emeli Haage

Senior Recruitment Consultant & Values facilitator

Emeli is Senior Recruitment Consultant & Values facilitator at Hammer & Hanborg. She has long experience working with client relations in different sectors in Sweden and England.


She is driven by supporting organizations to ensure they have the right competence for the future. As an expert in values, she can, for example, strengthen organizational cultures or support organizations when it comes to including values in recruitment processes.


Emeli holds a master’s degree in psychology from Lund University. She also has experience in personality assessments after working at SHL for several years.


Emelis profession is about the organization and candidate choosing each other. She wants to be transparent with each party, so they know what to expect from one another. It should be a match, not only regarding competence but regarding culture. There is nothing better than both client and candidate feeling pleased with the end of a recruitment process.


Emeli has worked as a group training instructor for a long time and loves cheering up her colleagues with a workout session now and then.

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