Annika Lasmarias


Annika is the COO at Hammer & Hanborg and is responsible for our consulting solutions and recruitment. Annika is also part of Hammer & Hanborgs management team, which leads and develops the company.


She holds a Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics with an orientation in marketing and tourism. She has previously worked at Nordea and had roles as a destination- and program manager in the travel- and language education sectors. Annika has also lived and worked in France for several years.


What Annika finds important and meaningful with her job is helping clients with talent provision, team development, and organizational development, and at the same time, helping people with their own development, which many times can lead them to their next career step. Doing that at Hammer & Hanborg, a company with strong values and a belief in cooperation, innovation, and a nice working life, is much fun.


Annika spends a lot of time in France and loves skiing and hiking. During winter and summer, you’ll probably find her somewhere in the Alps together with her family.

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