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Working a consultant at Hammer & Hanborg

We meet Ida Krüger one of Hammer & Hanborg's senior consultants, who tells us what trends she sees and what it is like to work as an assignment consultant through us.

Ida Kruger - senior consultantIda Kruger - senior consultant

Ida, tell us a little about yourself!

I have been at Hammer & Hanborg for almost half a year and have previously worked in various roles in market, business development and communication. I have always been interested in HR issues and above all that regarding recruitment and skills provision.

What is the strength in being on assignments?

For example, benefits can be the opportunity to try different industries, different roles, expand your network and even your skills. In addition, a consultancy assignment via Hammer and Hanborg provides a context, community and good labor market conditions. We have regular follow-ups with both consultant and client to ensure that both parties are satisfied. We also attach importance to creating a network for our consultants and regularly arrange activities where our consultants meet and can exchange experiences.

What are the trends you see for assignment consultants?

More and more young people with a few years of experience choose to work as a giggers, thanks to the freedom and flexibility. This in itself is a good way to build your CV. The ability to change and be flexible is becoming increasingly important and critical for our customers, which affects the need for skills. A combination of employees and consultants where the employees have been in the majority will probably be reversed in the future, with a likely majority of consultants. A strong corporate culture with the client will become increasingly important when a large part of the workforce is giggers. In a consultancy role, you are responsible for your own development by constantly being curious and learning new. It is critical in an environment that is spinning faster and faster. Then it is important to keep up to date and relevant!

How to become an assignment consultant at Hammer & Hanborg?

You sign up for us by registering here on the website or you search for the specific assignments advertised on our job portal. As a consultant with us, you can either be employed by Hammer & Hanborg or freelance through your own company. We are happy to meet candidates unconditionally.

"Tips from the coach"

Important and personal qualities of a consultant are the ability to create trust, to listen in, to communicate, and to lead oneself. The desire to constantly learn new is also very important.


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