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In the mind of an Activation Agent

During February, we discussed and trained change managers in employee-driven change. What do you do when the commitment is lacking, the culture does not push towards the goal or the relationships in the team start to "scrape" - which can often happen in conjunction with change.
Anna Bloth Karling & Eva EliassonAnna Bloth Karling & Eva Eliasson

Authers: Anna Both Karling & Eva Eliasson

Collaborative culture

The change work can be about developing a collaborative culture, introducing a new way of working or a new sustainability strategy, increasing the degree of digitization, etc.

Many felt that the pressure for change and adaptability in the organization increased rapidly. At the same time, the common challenge was the difficulty of getting the employees with them and also to hear about this from the management.

What did the resistance consist of?

Unclear direction and lack of structure, which led to employees moving in different directions or simply not starting.

The prevailing culture, often hierarchical, was questioned, challenging existing power balances, values ​​and routines. This resulted in conflicts around "who should decide", both on a personal and departmental level.

Many felt that you could say yes to the change, but at the same time no to change yourself, that is, "nothing" happens.

The ability to cooperate diminished when the one was needed most. This is due to the fact that social fears are accentuated when we are faced with change.

What does it look like for you?

Our experience, and also numerous survey results, says that all the time and resources we spend on getting our employees to pay will be paid to satisfied employees, satisfied customers, increased efficiency and increased shareholder value.

With our method for employee-driven change within a common framework, we can mobilize commitment in the direction of the business. Such a process creates clarity and structure and solves resistance by ensuring the psycho-social security of the team and the organization. Want to know more about how it works?

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