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Train internal Activating Agents for sustainable change

Often there are good intentions, we have visions that we have broken down to relevant strategies. But then they must also be implemented, activated, adopted and lived throughout the organization. For all, it depends on everyone in the organization changing behavior in line with the strategy. This is a prerequisite for the strategy to fly.

Concrete tools for success

To succeed in implementing a new strategy, new way of working or carrying out a cultural transfer requires knowledge, courage and techniques to create commitment and counteract resistance.

We have put together a program that gives you concrete tools for activating strategies, working methods and creating a culture of committed employees in line with the direction and goals of the business. To create a change in behavior, we need to involve and engage ALL employees. Only then can we take a strategy, plan or culture from word to action. We call it ACTIVATION.

Illustration Triangle Motivation and CommitmentIllustration Triangle Motivation and Commitment

Towards the journey of change

A prerequisite for enabling all employees to be included in the process is a clear structure and a systematic approach. So when we together designate your internal activating agents, they will be prepped with skills, mindset and techniques to take you on your journey of change.

Activate your agents!

We are there to support your internal activation agents along the entire journey to the extent you require. Just contact Anna Bloth Karling or Eva Eliasson, and they will help you further!

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