Trine Larsen

CEO / Senior Consultant

Trine is CEO and senior recruitment consultant at Hammer & Hanborg. She has extensive experience in recruiting top managers, managers and specialists in both the private and public sector, and has recruited several of the top names in the Norwegian business sphere. Trine has a large network and her core competences are management, communication and the future of working life. She finds solutions to complex recruitments by challenging her clients and candidates.


With a clear voice in the social debate around the digitization of working life, she is often seen as a speaker, interviewee, podcast participant or writer for various newsrooms.


Trine Larsen has given advice and input to the Ministry of Trade and Industry on recruitment and gender balance in the Norwegian business sphere. In addition, she has been a contributor to the Government’s work to increase the gender balance at the top of the business world and the Directorate of Digitalisation in its work on Inclusive Recruitment.


In the summer time, she likes to spend most of her holiday on a sailing boat with her family, friends and the cat Lillepus. Otherwise, she is happy with all the good things in life; people, art, food and wine, and travels both to big cities and exotic regions when the opportunity presents itself.

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