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For almost 30 years, Hammer & Hanborg have worked for the vision to be a vital part of creating future professional life. We do this by helping our customers with everything from recruitment and consulting within communication, marketing, growth, MarTech, ComTech and e-commerce.

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Hansine Korslien LyngoyHansine Korslien Lyngoy

If you are looking for communication talent, I recommend Hammer & Hanborg. For us, it was good to get in touch with several relevant profiles through the Hammer & Hanborg network. Our adviser, Trine, was steady and available throughout the process, including afterward, to ensure that both we and the candidate were satisfied.

Hansine Korslien Lyngøy

VP Communications,


Framtidens professionella liv - RekryteringFramtidens professionella liv - Rekrytering

What is your super talent?

Working life today is characterised by fast change. We see new employee behaviors, new organisational structures and the need for new competencies. It is time to redefine “talent”. Visionary, Change Maker, Co-Creator, Performer and Enabler are behaviors that give a good chance of success in today’s fast-changing work life.

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