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For almost 30 years, Hammer & Hanborg have worked for the vision to be a vital part of creating future professional life. We do this by helping our customers with everything from recruitment and consulting within communication, marketing, growth, and e-commerce.

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Sveriges IngenjörerSveriges Ingenjörer

Sveriges Ingenjörer has been Hammer & Hanborg's customer for over 20 years. My contact with Hammer & Hanborg began as a candidate, and today I am instead on the client side. We have been delighted with the recruitments and the consultants we have hired through Hammer & Hanborg. There have been good candidates and quick feedback, and I also appreciate the personal contact with the same contact person. Hammer & Hanborg also shows that they care about their candidates and that both parties must be satisfied.

Åsa Söderén

Communications Manager,

Sveriges Ingenjörer

Framtidens professionella liv - RekryteringFramtidens professionella liv - Rekrytering

What is your super talent?

Working life today is characterised by fast change. We see new employee behaviors, new organisational structures and the need for new competencies. It is time to redefine “talent”. Visionary, Change Maker, Co-Creator, Performer and Enabler are behaviors that give a good chance of success in today’s fast-changing work life.

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