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Communication consultant with assignment at short notice

After a few years as a permanent employee, I wanted to try the consulting role and increase my skills, so I contacted Hammer & Hanborg, which was the obvious choice with its focus on marketing and communication, which was also mine.

Madeleine Pálffy, communications consultant, kommunikatörMadeleine Pálffy, communications consultant, kommunikatör

Author: Madeleine Pálffy

Digital communicator

On a hot summer August day I was called by the recruitment consultant Jenny, who wondered if I was available at short notice - Yes always ready! The day after I was on an interview and on Monday I started my first assignment as acting web editor, an assignment that was initially a month but turned four before the recruitment to find the right staff was completed. For me as an assignment consultant, it is positive that I can also be a candidate for permanent services Hammer & Hanborg's recruitment process.

After the first assignment it has rolled on and I now have consultations for 15 years! Over the years I have had the privilege of trying different roles and working in different organizations, where the length of assignments varied from 4 months to 5 years. On my long assignments I have come in for a role that has then led to another or a new project, often with the aim of changing and improving of some kind - which well matched my driving forces.

Quick and flexible solution - to hire a communication consultant

The common denominator in all the assignments I have done over the years is that the clients needed a resource at short notice to resolve a temporary vacancy, not infrequently they have needed a reinforcement during ongoing recruitment. Or a dedicated communicator for a specific project.

Don't ask me how, but the recruitment consultants are fine at matching us communication consultants with the right assignment that matches both competence and personal characteristics as well as company culture. It has happened to me several times that I have been doubtful but persuaded to meet the client and then it has turned out to be just right. The recruitment consultant always presents more candidates for the client even for temporary assignments, which to me as a communication consultant feels extra good because I know then that the client chose me because precisely my skills and person are the right thing for the assignment.

How is it then to be in place? It varies depending on how fast IT can get to UserID and permissions to all platforms and systems that I as a consultant need. Regardless of platforms, as a consultant you will be part of a team or network that you have to work with in one way or another, so it is good to understand as quickly as possible which people you need to interact with to deliver. But even some help may be needed initially to get to know the task / assignment but also how the organization works.

The convenient thing for me as a communication consultant is that I can concentrate on the assignment itself, while the recruitment consultant takes care of the practicalities such as agreements and possible extension discussions.

If I end up on the customer side and were thinking about reinforcement, I would definitely choose to hire a consultant. Hiring the right skills is a quick and flexible solution. Should it appear that it is developing into a permanent need, it is possible to take over the consultant.

My journey continues within the role of communication consultant with the aim of changing and improving. Feel free to contact me if you are wondering something more about what it is like to work as a consultant or if you have questions about hiring or recruiting - send an email to


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