Malcolm Larri - talking to people from the stageMalcolm Larri - talking to people from the stage



Culture & mission workshop

Our Leadership & Culture Consultant Malcolm Larri, held a culture & mission workshop together with the M&A team at Cognizant.

Hammer Hanborg Malcolm Larri London - RecruitingHammer Hanborg Malcolm Larri London - Recruiting

Malcolm Larri, our inspiring Leadership & Culture Consultant and coach, is known for his high energy and his engaging presentations. Just recently he held this workshop in London, working with the wonderful M&A team at Cognizant helping them go to the next level in their culture and mission - such an inspiring group!

Malcolm uses his skills as an NLP Master Practitioner to engage the emotions of the audience in the areas of, amongst other, Self-Leadership, Values, and Inclusion.

His workshops has a direct focus on identifying which values the organization want to stand for - but also what values actually exists in the organization.

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