We have the experts - Future professional lifeWe have the experts - Future professional life


Our mission is to create the future professional life. It is a reminder that working life is undergoing radical development and that we all need to adapt to those changes.

The technological development changes the working life at all levels and we see how new industries and new business models are emerging. Organizations go from hierarchies to networks in flat and transparent structures. We also see new ways of working that require new leadership styles and the need for completely new skills. The development is progressing faster and changing the working life basically.

It can feel overwhelming and therefore we work with specialists who are really far ahead, who share our values ​​and are passionate about our mission. Here you can read more about some of them.

Anna Bloth Karling - Framtiden professionella liv 3.0Anna Bloth Karling - Framtiden professionella liv 3.0

Anna Bloth Karling

Anna contributes to your journey towards an autonomous organization by offering a digital, structured method that contains all the ingredients you need to reconcile business strategy with employee engagement. Think: Lina's food box for activation or a PT for corporate culture.


Strategy activation, employee engagement, business development, internal motivation, self-leading team / organizations, corporate culture, strategy and sustainable brands.

Ellen Landberg - Framtidens professionella liv 3.0Ellen Landberg - Framtidens professionella liv 3.0

Ellen Landberg

Ellen is a solution-focused expert, lecturer, and educator who works with issues of inclusion in both the non-profit and the private sector. The focus is on social sustainability and related areas, through concept, method and leadership development, lectures and digital products as podcasts.


Inclusion, leadership, gender equality, diversity, equality, ethics, discrimination, sexual harassment, work environment, and change. Also, experience and special interest in norm criticism and process management/facilitation and is a certified coach.

Kristina Närman - GigKristina Närman - Gig

Kristina Närman

Kristina helps organizations to become more creative and innovative and to dare to catch the opportunities. She supports the journey towards self-government through methods that include everyone in the process and takes care of the entire organization's innovative power. Diploma facilitator that catalyzes development and innovation processes with desire, energy, and creativity.


To get things to happen! Based on the motto “It ́s easier to act your way into a new way of thinking, than think your way into a new way of acting”. Master of Science in Engineering, Communicator, Entrepreneur, and nowadays called opportunity mindset trainer.

Jenny Theolin - Framtidens professionella liv 3.0Jenny Theolin - Framtidens professionella liv 3.0

Jenny Theolin

Jenny is a senior designer and educator who creates learning experiences for individuals, schools and organizations in areas such as technology, design thinking, creativity, innovation, culture and entrepreneurship. Jenny runs the Studio Theolin Consulting AB and belongs to the network Group of Humans, where they share a belief that the technology will be used for efficiency, but first and foremost, to the benefit of people, society and the environment.


To work with people, how to build teams, plan and drive processes. With 18 years of experience in the design industry, Jenny mainly focuses on facilitating change through events, experiences and programs. She has recently worked with the H&M Foundation, Group of Humans, Berghs School of Communication, WaterAid, Hyper Island, Halebop and Paulig Food.

Malcolm Larri - Framtidens professionella livMalcolm Larri - Framtidens professionella liv

Malcolm Larri

Malcolm is an inspiring coach, speaker and workplace trainer known for his high energy and engaging presentations on Leadership and Culture. Originally from Sydney Australia, he uses his skills as an NLP Master Practitioner to engage the emotions of the audience in the areas of Self-Leadership, Values, Inclusion and more.


Malcolm’s philosophy “Information won’t create change anymore because there is too much of it – therefore training must be about transformation” is backed up with almost 25 years of coaching and training experience that allows that transformation to happen. He is able to move company policy into individual engagement by showing value of individual contribution and influence.