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The Innovation Workshop

What is innovation in a autonomous organization? Why is it important to have an "inner interpreneurship"? The Innovation Workshop is an arena where we explore how we can maximize the organization's and your own innovative power. The workshop is facilitated by our expert Kristina Närman.

Everyone needs to take responsibility

In an autonomous organization, everyone needs to take responsibility for driving both their own and the organization's development. Therefore, the ability to quickly see and dare to push opportunities becomes an important key. Book a workshop, an interactive lab and explore:

  • What innovation means in an autonomous organization and what is important to think about
  • Why it is important that EVERYONE embraces an entrepreneurial mindset, an "interpreneurship", in the future professional life
  • How can we train our inner entrepreneurship and become better at seeing and daring to act on opportunities
  • How can we maximize our own and the organization's innovation power

The Innovation Workshop

Book a workshop and start maximizing your own and the organization's innovation power! Call or email Karin Netzell and she will help you further.

Curious about going a little further than just a workshop? We offer a two days Innovation Bootcamp - read more here!