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Social Recruiting

Using social media when recruiting is a given today. But not everyone has a strategy for success. So this is where we give our best tips for success when using social recruiting.

"When using social recruiting potential recruits get a chance to learn about the culture, values and people in advance."

Establishing a relationship with potential employees

Social recruiting is all about establishing a relationship with potential employees even before there is an opening to apply for. This is something normal recruitment can’t handle. When using social recruiting potential recruits get a chance to learn about the culture, values and people in advance. This means that the first selection has already been done – those who find the proposition attractive and those who don’t. The aim is to find a few really relevant candidates who know enough about the organization and the role to make a wellfounded choice.

Strong culture a plus

In future professional life, the boundary between work and free-time will become blurred. That is why it’s important that the job matches the individual’s values and goals and gives good development potential.

Likes attract: Get employees to tell about their dreams and experiences to attract similar people to the organization. Social media builds a network and we are prepared to listen to others in a similar situation.

Challenge is a draw: We are attracted by challenge. Talk about challenges in the role and what is required to succeed. Then others who like the look of the challenge will apply while others who see it as too daunting will be deterred.

Opportunity to learn: Emphasise the development possibilities as this shows how the organization is keen to provide development opportunities for their staff.

Flexibility: are the workplace and processes flexible? Or not? Flexibility attracts some and structure attracts others. Be open about how the organization works so that you attract the right people.

Social responsibility: We want to be proud of our employer and the work that we do. So explain how the organization contributes to a better world.

Checklist social recruiting

  1. Spread the story widely! Create interest for the organization and the journey that the person can be part of. What are the aims of the organization? What challenges are you facing? Why is this role being filled? Think about what messages and channels are relevant.
  2. Narrow and precise to attract! Be clear about the challenges in the role the possibilities to decide over development oneself etc. Communicate the organization’s values and culture.
  3. Share with a call-to-action. Make it easy to spread the message! Nearly everyone is prepared to pass on a tip if they feel that someone fits the role. Naturally, content should be adapted to social media – but link seamlessly to the web application as well so it’s easy to apply.
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