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Methods and tools for working self-governing

Self-leadership is on everyone's lips and something that more and more organizations are starting to implement. But how do you become a self-leader? What is required of structures, working methods and how do we best use everyone's strengths?

Kristina Närman presentingKristina Närman presenting

Tool to maximize power

"Become a self-leader" is a skills development process for a team, department or the entire organization. Developing personal leadership with colleagues creates a unique insight and understanding of both their own and each other's enormous potential.

It becomes clear how you as individuals complement each other, what structures you need for long-term top performance and how you work together to develop the organization. In short, you as an organization get the tools to maximize the power ahead!

This is how it works

The process is between 2-5 modules long depending on needs and conditions and includes: 1. Values - the individual's and the organization's and how they are connected 2. Strengths and talents - develop, use and contribute 3. Success - definition and perspective for the individual and the organization 4. External conditions - for long-term performance 5. Action - the path to change