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Inner self-leadership with emotional balance

To succeed in the future of working life, we need to find new ways to engage leaders, employees and not least ourselves. The future of working life is less about governance and control and more about motivation and encouragement. It is about self-guiding individuals where leadership rests on emotional balance and compassion. And where sustainability includes both our performance and our well-being.

Britta BylanderBritta Bylander

The goal of self-managing organizations

Characteristic of organizations with high self-leadership is not that employees achieve their goals or deliver according to agreement, but they also perform in a sustainable way: that they have learned to handle the changing world, find tools to deal with stress and care about their own and others' well-being. .

Leadership, whether we lead others or ourselves, always starts with understanding ourselves - what guides and motivates us, how we handle our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Such an understanding leads to increased empathy for others and ourselves. From there, we can then successfully lead with more compassion and wisdom to support, encourage, and motivate ourselves and our colleagues or co-workers.

Lectures for leaders, self-conductors and gigers

  • Emotional intelligence for better self-leadership and leadership
  • Motivation for leaders, self-leaders and giggles
  • Leading in change, a tool to “equip” the leaders of the organization for a change.
  • How to train and improve your emotional intelligence with mindfulness
  • Reduce stress with mindfulness
  • Tailor-made lectures

Courses for leaders, self-leaders and gigers

  • How to find your motivation, about the importance of creating a picture of your desired future based on your own values ​​and how you then get there, even when it feels the most difficult.
  • Search Inside yourself, a 2-day course created on Google for Google. Based on current research in emotional intelligence, neuroscience and mindfulness with the aim of developing leaders and self-leaders for future working life.
  • Mindfulness courses, for greater self-knowledge, improved leadership, sustainable performance and well-being.
  • Tailor-made courses

Contact Britta Bylander

My main competencies are communication, change management, leadership development and mindfulness. In addition to a long background in communication and change management, I am a trained mindfulness instructor and Certified SIY teacher (Search Inside Yourself, SIY) is a leadership program born on Google in San Francisco, USA). . Please contact me if you find anything above interesting for your organization or need to tailor your own solution.