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Future professional life 1.0

We at Hammer & Hanborg have made it our mission to be part of creating the professional life of the future. That is why we have chosen to present the knowledge and insights from our surveys and experience in a new way. What you have in front of you is a book about professional life in the future. A vision where we explore five areas that will have a large effect on how we work in the future.

Version 1.0 was based largely on insights from our survey on the theme of The Professional Life of the Future from 2017. The survey had 3000 respondents and had five threads that came to form the five chapters of the book. Over and above the answers in the survey we included the views from experts and researchers.

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The book about professional life in the future is obviously not finished. The rapid changes we see mean that it is not enough to do a book or a survey from time to time – because as soon as it is finished everything could have changed. Instead, we need something that can live and develop with the times. That is why we will continue to explore and study these five areas and add new insights and lessons as we learn them. This will be a more sustainable way of utilising the knowledge we gain from our surveys and it will put the results in context.

We have also chosen to include other exciting voices that comment and give their views in these five areas. If you have ideas about someone we should talk to, then please get in touch!

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