Creating an inclusive cultureCreating an inclusive culture

Diversity & Inclusion Icebreaker

Diversity is a competitive advantage. Groups with different perspectives achieve better results and many talents actively reject organizations without diversity. But diversity is not enough – without inclusion has no effect.

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Diversity is a competitive advantage

Diversity leads to better financial results, competitiveness and skills supply. Several studies, from McKinsey, among others shows the relationship between diversity in management and profitability. But diversity is a competitive advantage in more perspectives than that. When business become more personal, customers choose to buy from organizations with values like their own. The same applies to employees who want to work for clients or employers who have the same values as one self. Employers are also looking for employees with the same values as who become ambassadors for the brand (Communicator 2017).

Thus, working with diversity has an effect on both the financial result and retaining both customers and talents.

What is diversity?

Since diversity is a competitive advantage, many organizations want to show that they work on this. It is common to see pictures of people with, for example, the different ethnicity in corporate digital channels. But diversity has many more dimensions and it is important not to let diversity just be about parameters in the external dimension.

Diversity consists of several dimensions

Core: Personality and behavior.

Internal factors: age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.

External factors: geographical position, income, education, work experience, appearance, etc.

Organizational factors: Leadership role, group affiliation, etc.

Diversity and inclusion in recruitment

But diversity is not enough, not even when we have considered all dimensions. For diversity to have an impact, everyone on the team must be included so that they can and want to contribute.

Hammer & Hanborg takes into account diversity and inclusion already when recruiting. Instead of traditionally just looking at education and experience, which risks creating homogeneous teams and high risk of exclusion, we always look at values, motivation and potential. All to create dynamic groups with different perspectives where everyone feels included.

Get started with diversity and inclusion

In the Diversity & Inclusion Icebreaker workshop, we work to identify and highlight what diversity and inclusion mean. The workshop provides knowledge and concrete activities to develop the work on diversity and inclusion in your organization. Get in touch with Linnea Erikson if you want to know more or book a meeting!