Creating an inclusive cultureCreating an inclusive culture

Creating an inclusive culture

Leaders are often recruited to resolve, but in the new organizations they have to learn to listen and learn from what is happening. Within the framework of diversity and inclusion, there are a number of concrete tools for practicing it.

In a workshop format where everyone contributes, we develop concrete behaviours together to create the work environment and culture you want in your business.

"The team brings with them knowledge of their own prejudices, their own and the organization's norms and a common picture of what is and what is not an accepted behavior."

Through the workshop you get:

  • New knowledge of diversity, norms and prejudices
  • Awareness of the behaviors that need to changed
  • Tools and methods to to use in the business to begin joint work towards an inclusive culture

After the workshop you have received as a leader; concrete tools and methods for the various parts that you need to work with in inclusive leadership and can try these in sharp mode. You yourself have had to formulate what are important ethical characteristics that you want to develop in your leadership towards increased inclusion. In addition, you bring with you knowledge of your own prejudices and own and the organization's norms.

The team brings with them knowledge of their own prejudices and their own and the organization's norms, a common picture of what is and what is not an accepted behavior.

Most importantly; the ability to change your own behaviors from exclusionary to inclusi after practicing to respond to different types of exclusionary behaviors with concrete tools and methods.

Linnea Ericson

Linnea is a consultant at Hammer & Hanborg with a focus on diversity and inclusion. Contact her if you want to know more or book a meeting.