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Top 10 tips for your digital interview

One year ago the most common form of interview was a physical meeting between two people in a room. You shook each other's hand and had the possibility to do some small talk by the coffee machine before the interview. All that changed overnight, now we have all become common with doing interviews through Teams, Zoom, GoogleMeet, or with some of the other tools.

Authors: Sara Abrahamsson och Ingrid Melbye Olsen

We want to share with you some of our tips that will hopefully make you feel more safe during the interview, with tips from Candidate Relations Manager, Sara Abrahamsson and Recruitment Consultant Ingrid Melbye Olsen

  • Ask the one that is hosting the interview if you have the possibility to log in early to test the equipment, check that your sound and camera is working - especially if it's a platform you never used before.
  • A lot of us are in our “home office”, where we might be surrounded by family members and pets. Still try to find a place where you will not be disturbed. If you got a dog at home, tell the person you are doing the interview with that the dog may come in, bark or distract. Be open with it, it is not a problem as we know pretty much everyone is working from home.
  • Using a background filter might feel impersonal. Try to have such a neutral background as possible, it is easy that details, paintings or photos will steal the attention from you. If you have something that you know will draw some attention, talk about it, explain it, so the one doing the interview can focus on you instead of the background.
  • There is time for small talk, even though the interview is digital. When you no longer can't go to the coffee machine together, try to do the small talk before you start. The interview doesn't have to start as soon as the camera is on. The responsibility for this should be put on the one that is hosting the interview, so there is enough time.
  • Even though you might be sitting in your comfy clothes at home, dress up before the interview. Dress like you would do for an interview in person. Putting on shoes can do a lot both for posture and for confidence. Nobody will see them, but you will definitely feel better dressed.
  • Don't leave your cellphone in your eyesight. It is easy to lose focus and it is very clear when you start to glanze towards it.
  • Raise your computer or the device you are using to eye level. If you are using you cellphone, use it horizontell mode and appropriate distance from you face.
  • Think about the lightning of your location, don't let the sun reflect in your glasses etc.
  • Smile while you talk and look into the camera to establish a connection with the one you are talking to.
  • Avoid chewing gum or eating while doing the interview. Drinking water, coffee or something else is absolutely fine. It is easy to dry up when you talk or are a little bit nervous.

Good luck with your digital interview! ❤️