Leaves in sunlight Self-awarenessLeaves in sunlight Self-awareness



Self-awareness - a prerequisite for leadership and self-leadership

The more we see of ourselves, the more we see of others. Imagine a photograph with blur and one with sharpness. It can illustrate what happens when we get to know ourselves better - we go from a blurry picture of ourselves to a sharper where we can see much more clearly colors, contours, patterns, etc.

Britta BylanderBritta Bylander

The same goes for our image of others, the more sharpness we have on our self-image, the more we see of others. And the more clearly we are perceived by others. When talking about emotional intelligence and different leadership abilities, clarity is one that is often mentioned and considered important. An unclear leader is difficult to follow and creates insecurity among employees.

Everyone can train for greater focus and better leadership abilities

There is a very effective way to get more sharp in your self-image - to start living more in the present. To work on being present, here and now. You do this through mental training - mindfulness. Just as you go to the gym to exercise your muscles, or take a lap to improve your fitness, you can sit for 10 minutes and train your mental ability to be here and now, to be present in what is happening in you and in your surroundings. And just like everyday exercise, there are also mindfulness exercises that you can do without taking any time at all and not even visible from the fact that you do it: focus on how your feet feel when you walk on your walk, or on the way from one conference room to the next . What sense do you know? How does the surface feel? You can also take three deep breaths or breathe for a silent minute before you start a meeting to add some distance and be able to drop the last meeting you came from, or maybe the conversation you had just before the meeting. Breath that takes you back to the here and now and helps you to be present. No hocus pocus but just mental techniques to become more present.

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