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In the midst of the crisis, many communicators want to help

Last week we received a couple of inquiries regarding communicators with experience in crisis management. We quickly published a short ad where we searched for people with "crisis experience" who could move in at two of our customers at short notice.

Sara AbrahamssonSara Abrahamsson

Author: Sara Abrahamsson, Candidate Relations Manager

I was both happy and overwhelmed by the response I received. In an extremely short time, we received many qualified applications. Among other things from people who have dual education; both communicator and nurse, people with extensive experience from Criscom, a voluntary nationwide association within the Swedish Defense Education Association. In addition, people who worked as communicators during previous pandemics and other crises, large and small. The majority of these really conveyed the feeling, I want to help!

In a time of uncertainty, where toilet paper, pasta and crushed tomatoes are bunkered, I still got the feeling of a community. That if we work together we will get through this and out on the other side with the feeling that - we managed it!

The emergency inquiries were resolved in a few days at the same time as we have many more people who are ready and ready to move out and support business and public sector in communication issues. Please contact me. We can help you quickly!