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Agile Working Methods, Design Thinking, Open Innovation... Buzzwords - or?

Agile Working Methods, Design Thinking, Open Innovation... Buzzwords - or? I, Kristina Närman, together with Karin Netzell have had two round tables about new ways of working and inclusive innovation. Very exciting and rewarding to discuss this with dedicated participants with completely different perspectives! Read some of my most important take-aways.

Krisinta Närman and Karin NetzellKrisinta Närman and Karin Netzell

Author: Kristina Närman

New ways of working are on everyone's lips! It is discussed in all industries, sectors and regardless of organizational size. We need to adapt how we work to test new ideas faster, make faster decisions and find more relevant solutions but also to attract and retain talent. We talked agile, design thinking, open innovation and much more.

It is important that everyone participates – but how do you do it? Everyone agrees that it is a prerequisite that more people get involved in the development and innovation efforts for us 1) to keep up with today's fast pace and 2) to find the best solutions. But creating a culture of inclusive innovation is not simply. We discussed important conditions but also whether the very concept of 'innovation' can actually be an obstacle? Innovation as a concept can seem a deterrent because we believe that it must mean large, transformative ideas. But there is also what is called incremental innovation, i.e. daily screwing. In order to create a favourable climate for inclusive innovation where EVERYONE wants, dares and can participate, we also need to include this in the concept of innovation. Maybe it's smarter to talk about improvement work?

Create awareness of their own and other’s strengths! Many organizations are good at mapping the teams' skills, but still it often happens based on traditional "CV mindset" where skills and experience are in focus. Time to rethink! In order to create more commitment, creativity and momentum in the improvement work, we need to become aware our own and our colleagues’ strengths and potential. Then we can put the same cross-disciplinary team that can create completely new opportunities.

Are these issues being discussed in your organization? Do you want new introductions and/or want to learn more? Let me know and we'll come to you!