African women in front of a doorAfrican women in front of a door



Hammer & Hanborg supports the Hunger Project

Many people live in an extreme hunger in the world. Over the last four years, the world hunger has risen to such an extent that it has now returned to the same level, which measured 10 years ago.

African womenAfrican women

The hunger project is a non-profit organization (in Swedish) whose mission, with a focus on women, is to create a world free from hunger and poverty. All people should have the conditions to live a life that is meaningful, dignified and healthy.

Hunger itself can be due, for example, to extreme poverty, natural disasters and conflicts, all of which are factors that negatively affect the possibilities of obtaining nutritious food.

The hunger project has the vision to abolishing hunger and poverty through developed development strategies, in order to achieve its goal of making women fully self-sufficient.

Again, this year we support the Hunger Project. We support them because of their methodology based on giving people the power, knowledge and confidence to help themselves. It is well in line with our belief in self-leadership. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Hammer & Hanborg!

♥ Do you also want to help eliminate hunger? Become a monthly donor via the link here (in Swedish)