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How we handle covid-19

In this extraordinary situation, we do everything we can to reduce the spread of infection and support our employees, customers and candidates. We have taken a number of measures and are continuously adapting our working methods.

We have employees in both Sweden and Norway, as well as consultants working with our clients and employees in our offices in Stockholm, Malmö and Oslo. Even before the recommendation to work at home came, we had switched our internal staff to the digital home offices. This is to reduce possible infection and spread, all in order to keep the business running as usual, which is possible thanks to the digital tools. Our hired employees follow the clients' guidelines.

We are very well digitally equipped and have an organizational form since 5 years based on self-leadership and innovation. We are used to facing changes which made it easier for us to adjust quickly. Business goes on as usual.

We use Teams in Office 365 in sharp mode, fully. We conduct all our various meetings - customer, candidate interviews and internal reconciliations via Team's video function - it works great. In short, we have a fully functional digital Hammer & Hanborg offices!

In our network of candidates, we have people who are ready to support all kinds of needs that may arise in an extraordinary situation like this.

We have so far made the following adjustments in our work:

  • Crisis / Operations group set up with daily meetings that have an overview of what is happening in society and things that affect us
  • Daily check-ins with all employees working in our offices
  • We have about 50 available consultants focusing on content, crisis communications and press issues ready to help you quickly
  • We only conduct digital meetings with customers and candidates
  • Seminars are rescheduled for webinars

About Hammer & Hanborg

We are a Nordic organization that has been around for 25 years. Our mission is to create the professional life of the future. In order to succeed, we collaborate with the leading representatives of the new working life. Several times a year we conduct surveys that, together with our meetings with customers and candidates in our network, give us insights to succeed in the professional life of the Future. Please contact Annika Lasmarias if you have any questions.

Annika LasmariasAnnika Lasmarias