We develop business through people

New meetings – every day – give us a unique understanding of what is happening in the job market and is the reason why we can quickly find the right solution for you.

We at Hammer & Hanborg are convinced that communication is a success factor in today’s fast changing society. That is why we see it as our mission to supply communication competence to both public and private sectors in the whole Nordic region. We provide all parts of the organisation with talent and knowledge in a world where everything – and everyone – communicates.

Every day we meet new candidates, customers, industry representatives and members of our network, which gives us a unique understanding of what is happening in the job market right now. So regardless of what you’re looking for we can always find a good solution.

Communication competence

Since our foundation in 1994 a lot has happened in the communication and marketing arena. The influx of social media after 2000 is one example. Nowadays communication does not just affect communication or marketing departments but the whole organisation. This has naturally affected the sort of competence demanded and today we recruit for sales, finance and IT departments in need of people with communication expertise.

In our network we have people with engineering and accounting backgrounds with communication expertise over and above traditional communicators and marketing specialists. This gives us more possibilities to meet your requirements.

We are currently recruiting for the following jobs.

There is a difference between being good and being the right person

In our view competence is not only about what is stated on the CV. Education and experience are of course important. But competence for us is just as much about potential, values and motivation. We believe that there is a big difference between being good and being the right person. That is why we place great importance on personal qualities so that we can find the right competence to meet your needs.

On our Swedish site some of our clients explain how we helped them to meet their requirements (in Swedish).