About us

The conditions in which we work are changing radically. Digitalisation affects not only where, when and how we work, but also creates completely new roles while established roles disappear. Where will it end? We don’t know. The only thing we know is that everything will change.  Really exciting we think! Actually it is so exciting that we have made it our mission to be part of creating future professional life. We hope you will join us!


Our areas of competence

Recruitment & Staffing
In recruitment and staffing we ensure that organisations can attract the competence necessary to remain competitive and attractive in the future.

People & Culture
In this area we work with talent management, team development and organisational culture in order to get the right people to want to contribute to and develop with the organisation.  

Change & Development
In change and development we help create organisations that want to, dare to and can change and develop.

How we work

In order to be able to create the professional life of the future we must understand trends.  H&H Academy is our forum for collecting and sharing our knowledge through surveys and training sessions.

Future professional life will be characterised by co-creation. We will actually go as far as claiming that the future is co-everything. Labs is our arena for facilitating development processes.

Working with Hammer & Hanborg

We think it should be fun to work! Maybe that’s not so strange given that we spend our time creating the professional life of the future. We are both proud and happy that we, with our competence, are making a difference for people and organisations. We are convinced that everyone can and wants to develop and always tries to act in a fair way. We encourage and challenge each other to want and to dare to do things differently and to test new things.  And we know that we are better together and we like co-operation in all its forms.

Change & Development

Strategy Activation

Change & Development

Digital Icebreaker

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Social recruiting

Recruitment & Staffing

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Change & Development

Strategy Icebreaker


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