Sara Abrahamsson

Chief Candidate Experience Officer

Sara is our Chief Candidate Experience Officer at Hammer & Hanborg. Her job focuses on all candidates in our network and she is responsible for candidates who created a profile by connecting with Hammer & Hanborg.


She works a lot with the company’s candidate experience so that you, as a candidate, can feel seen and respected in your contact with us. Sara also works with “search” together with our Recruitment Consultants to find candidates who could fit a specific position and be a good match for a client. Sara is in contact with many candidates daily, letting her know them better and hearing how their roles have changed. This helps her colleagues identify the competence needed by our clients.


Sara has experience in research and has worked with information research in public service and startups within “thought leadership.” Sara has a degree in business administration and information design.


Sara is interested in recruiting because she gets the opportunity to make a difference and achieve that perfect match, both for the candidate and the client. It needs to be a match for both sides, not only regarding competence but regarding values and culture.


When she gets the chance, Sara enjoys going to her family’s country house in Småland. There, she gains energy and likes growing vegetables and flowers in the garden.


Get in touch with Sara if you want to know more about how Hammer & Hanborg can strengthen your department based on competence.

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