Jenny Folkesson -- Senior Recruitment ConsultantJenny Folkesson -- Senior Recruitment Consultant

Jenny Folkesson

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Jenny Folkesson is a senior recruitment consultant at Hammer & Hanborg by Jurek, recruiting both to assignments and permanent employments.


She originally has a degree in Economics and more than 18 years of experience in communications and marketing within commercial and media bureaus, as well as marketing departments. She has excellent experience in marketing and communication projects of different sorts, from branding, strategy development, identity, and graphic profiles, to creating websites, UX, commercial campaigns for different channels, e-commerce, and SEO/SEM.


Jenny’s experience has given her an all-around perspective of the marketing and communications area, as well as its specialist competencies. She knows what role every part play, as well as how important it is that these parts can collaborate.


She is passionate about development, both within marketing and communications, and personal development. She is convinced that a successful organization and brand are built by employees that feel a purpose and meaning about their work, people that are in the right place. As a recruitment specialist, she enjoys being part of developing departments and at the same time seeing people grow and flourish in the right roles.

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