Åsa Falkman

Founding Partner

Åsa Falkman is one of Hammer & Hanborg’s founders, together with Christina Hammer (earlier Åsas surname was Hanborg). She has worked with almost all tasks at Hammer & Hanborg, in the beginning they included cleaning and accounting, in addition to building the company’s client- and candidate network.


Åsa is passionate about Hammer & Hanborg always being at the forefront. She works with different projects to continuously develop sales, systems, and operations. Read her blog about how Hammer & Hanborg created and implemented their own competency model.


She encourages other people starting and developing their business, and is for example part of Founders Alliance, and 17-nätverket.


When Åsa is working out, it can preferably be interval training at the gym. In her free time, she also enjoys spending time in her family’s summer house in the Swedish archipelago, where she spends a lot of time working with the flowers in her garden.

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