Anna CarlssonAnna Carlsson

Anna Carlsson

Consultant Manager

Anna Carlsson works as a Consultant Manager at Hammer & Hanborg by Jurek, mainly focusing on consulting solutions and finding the perfect candidates for our assignments.


She has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Linnéuniversitetet in Kalmar and has worked many years in marketing and communications. She has, for example, worked with project management and communication in different areas and companies. Curiosity has always been her motivation, learning how various organizations work, which is why she has worked as a consultant in many of her previous roles.


For Anna, it is essential to always give the best experience to our clients, consultants, and candidates. When it comes to clients, she finds the best candidates based on the client’s needs. For consultants, Anna finds it essential to give them the correct information about the assignment and be constantly available and supportive in case of questions. Our consultants should feel that they are a part of Hammer & Hanborg by Jurek. Therefore, it is vital to, for example, invite them to our events and activities. Anna also helps candidates by guiding them through the process, regardless of whether we’ve found them through search or an application. The candidate should always get the correct information and feedback.


Anna is originally from Dalarna in northern Sweden, so she has always loved nature. When she’s not working, Anna enjoys being outside and likes skiing in the winter.

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