Amanda – FeedbackAmanda – Feedback

Amanda Ekman

Feedback Culture Consultant

Amanda's competence is to see a person and an organization where they are and being able to teach this skill. Feedback means that you first need to really see the person as they are and then their usefulness, benefitting the organization. To facilitate your development so that you with the help of feedback are reaching higher levels faster is her specialty. She is a founder of a change that leads you safely forward, in terms of feedback. Experiences abroad and as a leader and at different kind of companies, she have met many different cultures and persons, continuously learning about them.

To feel valuable and important is the core of wellbeing and long-lasting performance. Amanda delivers this to you by teaching a feedback method that she developed based on research so that you will achieve this in your day to day work. The Master of Science in Business Administration is helpful of giving you value and further on studying Human Resources at University allowed her to see how all HR areas are positively affected when using feedback.

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