Company culture, don’t read this if you’re looking for a quick fix

Company culture, don’t read this if you’re looking for a quick fix

Beware! This is by no means any quick fix or solution. This is just based on my simple experience of working with communication during some years and for having all kinds of strange positions.

So here it goes, to get a strong company culture you’ll need the following ingredients:

2 cups of committed managers, that believes in the power of humanity and realize that even if we are all different as people. Every human has feelings and loves to get feedback and listens more to someone with passion than someone without passion.

1 pinch of a clear direction, call it vision, call it strategies, KPI, targets. Actually call it what ever you want just make sure all of the employees knows where the company are headed and how they can contribute.

Continuously spray of celebrating small successes. Find things in your work environment worth celebrating. It doesn’t need to be a major thing. Celebrate achievements, celebrate a new colleague, celebrate valentines. Just do it! (Thank you Nike..). 

5 scoops of values. Who are we, what do we stand for, how do we treat each other. How do we want to be portrayed by others. Live, breath, talk values. Don’t just put words on a paper and post it on your website.

3 deciliter of transparency, and make sure, ones and for all to tear that ceiling down. Keep no secrets (well except those who someone would die for if being spread) let’s have a company where information is being shared and communicated to everyone no matter who they are. 

Add a mix of people. Variations is good. At least if you want to innovate and be successful. Everybody that adds value to the company should be hired, and if so! Make sure to love them and cherish them as much as the CEO of the company. 

Do you love one of your kids more than the other one? A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.. I could go on..

Add the phrase, kill your darlings. Throw out the old truths, get rid of structures, old ways of doing things that only put brakes on your moving vehicle. How is it that most innovations seems to start in companies where the actual innovation takes place away from the ordinary business. In a secluded island if you will.

And to top it off, ok business is business, we all know that we need to deliver to succeed. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun on they way. And to refer to my previous comment on dying. If someone won’t die, and I mean die for real. Go under, be buried, crying relatives and all that. Then how bad can it be.. If someone does a mistake, encourage that person to continue to do them. “Hell” celebrate for all I know. Because the people who fails the most and learns from their mistake. They will become the most valuable asset you have. 

I could go on and on and on... but I’ve just realized I need to stop writing before this post will be too long and boring. 

So, till next time, go start building a strong company culture. What are you waiting for!



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Henrik Axelsson

Henrik Axelsson

Henrik Axelsson, Egenföretagare samt Communication Director. Är före detta Malmöpolisen som bytte bana för att arbeta med kommunikation. Han har gått Sveriges Kommunikatörers managementprogram Communication Executives Program, medverkat i Trygghetsrådet bok kommunikatören och har även medverkat i podcasten Mina Misstag. Han har under de senaste 10 åren arbetat med kommunikation i statliga och globala bolag.

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