Vision and history - Hammer HanborgVision and history - Hammer Hanborg

Vision and history

Successful business is built by people - people with the ability to communicate. Over the years, communication has changed, from a question for the marketing and communication department to touching all parts of the organization. Today we can really say that everything - and everyone - communicates.

We are happy and proud to be involved and make a difference in people's professional life. We meet all people - regardless of role and position - respectfully, committed and interested. Our work is imbued with the belief in people and their potential for development. With an entrepreneurial starting point, we are courageous and allow and encourage each other to try, evaluate and revise in order to continually continue to develop. We see change as something natural and necessary. We want and dare to be different and innovative.

Our starting point is that it should be fun to work! We know that we get better together and encourage collaboration. Our goal is to create long-term relationships that benefit all parties - we think "we and we", not "we and them".

For different needs during your professional life. We like long-term thinking. Our ambition has always been to build a healthy and sustainable company. A company where you are equally important to us regardless of whether you are a customer or a candidate. And a company that can meet the needs you have in different periods of your professional life - when looking for a new job, when you need a new employee for your team, when you want inspiration, knowledge and know more about trends and developments in communication, digital or management.

Our ambition is to become the hub of the new gig economy that is emerging, where more and more people are interested in more temporary "gig" rather than permanent employment. We want to offer affiliation, exchange of experience and competence development for those who "gigar" and we want to help our customers find just the right skills in the right time period for their needs.

Every year we meet thousands of communicative leaders, specialists, and young professionals. It gives us a unique picture of how the industry is developing and what is current at the moment. We want to know what's going on! So that we can always be at the forefront and offer the latest in our field. Therefore, every year we carry out the Communicator - The largest survey of the kind in the Nordic region - which focuses on trends and changes for professional roles in the area. This year in the form of a book that you can read more about here.


Welcome to us!

Christina Hammer & Åsa Falkman (former Hanborg), Founders and owners.