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Simple tips when technology is not on your side.

  • Is your web browser updated? Please check.

  • Are you having problems accessing Hammer &  Hanborgs Job portal? Use your own computer from outside the client’s network. Some employers block certain web pages which prevent you from reaching our Job portal or applying for a job from the company’s network.

  • You can’t log in? Then e-mail
    You need to provide your name and e-mail address. Please add the domain @hammerhanborg to your trusted domains to avoid our e-mail being blocked by your spam filter.

  • Do you need to attach several documents when applying for a job? You can attach two documents and more files under your User icon. You can see all of your applications underneath the dashboard icon.

  • This is the User icon - Load up documents and edit your profile.

    This is the Overview - See all the jobs you've applied for and look for new ones. 

    This is the Search icon - Look for jobs by clicking Search or type in keywords to find just the right ones. 

  • Look for a job
    Do you want to see all our jobs without filtering (or logging in)? Click on the Search icon (the magnifying glass) and click on Search - picture below.

  • Please enter your contact information and uppload a personal letter or a CV when you create an acount. 

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