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Simple tips when technology is not on your side.

Is your web browser updated? Please check.

Are you having problems accessing H&H? Use your own computer from outside the client’s network. Some employers block certain webpages which can mean that you can’t reach our website from the company’s network.

You can’t log in? Then order a new password by clicking on “forgotten password”. Then you will receive a link that will help you get a new password. This will be sent to the e-mail address connected to your account. As this mail is machine generated please check if it ends up in your junk mail. Please add the domain @hammerhanborg to your trusted domains to avoid our e-mail being blocked by your spam filter. Please note that you need to register a new password each time you order a new password link.

Would you like to change your user name (e-mail address)? We are happy to help! You need to provide your birthday and preferably your previous user name (ie your previous e-mail address) in an e-mail.

Do you need to attach several documents when applying for a job? That is no problem but please attach one file at a time. Click on Choose file (browse and choose a file from your computer), Open, then Upload the chosen file. Then repeat for each file. All the documents will appear on the Document tab, so you can review and update them when necessary.

Would you like to synchronise your LinkedIn profile with your profile at H&H? If so, then go in to your profile (or create a new profile) and at the bottom of the first page there is a button “Import my LinkedIn CV”. Click on the LinkedIn button and log-in to LinkedIn. Then the information from your LinkedIn CV will be imported to your profile with H&H.

You will not be able to see on LinkedIn that your profile has been synchronised and no information from your profile with H&H is transferred to LinkedIn. If you would like to synchronise again then just repeat the process. Then only new information will be imported from your LinkedIn CV. Please add complete dates (in your LinkedIn CV) where possible or this can cause problems when synchronising.

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