Our history

Good communication is a success factor. That was the starting point when we founded our company in 1994. And that is our firm belief today. 

Communication competence, our mission

We are convinced that good communication is a success factor. That was and is the starting point for our company. Over the years communication has changed from a subject for marketing and communication departments to one that affects all parts of an organisation. Today we can really say that everything – and everyone – communicates. Compared to when we started, our current assignments concern many more parts of an organisation. But the goals are the same – to supply communication competence to all levels of the private and public sectors in the whole Nordic region.

For different needs during your working life

We like long-term thinking. Our ambition has always been to build a sound and sustainable company. A company where you are equally important for us regardless of whether you are a client or a candidate. A company that can meet your needs during different phases of your working life – when you are looking for a new job, when you need a new staff member in your team, when you need inspiration, knowledge or to know more about the trends and developments in the profession.

We know what is happening now – and gaze into the future

Every year we meet thousands of communication leaders, specialists and young professionals. This gives us a unique picture of how the communication profession is developing and what is topical at the moment. But we are not content with just that. We want to know what is going to happen in the future! So we can always be at the cutting edge and offer the latest knowledge in our area. That is why we each year carry out The Communicator survey – the largest survey of its kind in the Nordic region – that focuses on trends and changes in professional roles in communication.

Anniversary – but the journey continues

Time flies when you’re having fun and in 2014 Hammer & Hanborg will celebrate 20 years. And we intend to celebrate that of course!

But most of all we see this as the start of the next 20-year period. You are welcome to join us on our journey!

Christina Hammer & Åsa Falkman ( formerly Hanborg)

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